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Guardian home program

We want our puppies to be with their families from the very start. Our guardian home dogs are placed with their forever families but remain the property of Glacier Goldendoodles. We retain the right to make all decisions about breeding and we cover all expenses related to breeding. Our dogs are loved, raised, and trained by their families. These dogs will have one or two litters that will also be raised by the guardian families. When the dogs are done having puppies they are spayed and ownership is permanently signed over to their families.

In order to be a guardian home you must live within one hour of Whitefish and not move out of the area until the dog is done being bred. References will be required and a legally binding contract must be signed. 

If you would like more information please contact us.


Gracie is a beautiful sable F1b goldendoodle who is extremely sweet and very cuddly. She has a very curly coat that will require some grooming.

It is slightly shedding but still hypoallergenic.

She is 2 years old and is looking for her forever home. We would consider selling her to a home without a breeding contract if it is a good fit for her.

Fluffy Gracie_edited.jpg
Gracie touch up.jpg
Ace flag.jpg
ACE 11-21.jpg


Ace is a red royal standard poodle who loves to snuggle. He is calm and quiet and likes to be in his crate. He is extremely smart and could really benefit from some attention and training. He produces the cutest puppies and would be available for sale to the right home or breeder. 

He is 4 years old.

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